Tuesday, 29 June 2010

End of the Campaigning Season

Summer's here, and with it crowds and flat seas, so I'm temporarily off the road and out of the water.

Since I started in Tiree in September, I've surfed a grand total of 60 waves in Scotland and England, mostly in geographical order. (That's 60 different beaches/breaks, not 60 actual waves - I think I caught 60 waves just in Sennen.)

Wales is next, probably in September. And I'm hoping to catch a handful of well-known breaks I missed first time round because of time, ignorance or lack of waves (Sandwood Bay, Lynmouth, Croyde, Sthhhhh - the least secret secret spot in Yorkshire - among others)

Before that, I'm heading to Orkney in August, and hoping to find the odd wave there.

I'm planning to write up the trip, so if anyone knows any agents or publishers with a passing interest in surfing, I would be very grateful.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, thanks for your comments and thanks for all your support.

Eighty Waves


kukurusta said...

Thank YOU JB, for writing. Well done. Hope you come back to the road at the end of summer. Hug.

Anonymous said...

Well done on making it to 60 waves, Jono. Looking forward to reading about the next 20.
Hope you have a good break, and maybe see you sometime before you head off again.

RedacciĆ³n Blog said...

An spanish amateur swiming man: good adventure! A pleasure to folloow your travel.
We are in touch
Toni of Rumba

surflexiones said...

Many thanks for telling us about those 60 waves. Hope you find many more in future journeys and we can read all about it ;-)