Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's Not Too Late

Just because I'm in a van, doesn't mean you can't send me a birthday present.

Yes, Saturday.

Many thanks to the various readers who have so far sent: a new surf board (thanks, Kelly), a Christmas hamper 2008 (the wine was fine, the Christmas cake a little stale, the smoked salmon somewhat past its best), a jumper (one arm too long) and three goldfish (being delivered above).

Many thanks!

Yes. Saturday. The 21st. A glass of mulled wine and a free surf lesson to anyone delivering by hand.


Anonymous said...

A bit late, but better late than never... Happy Birthday!! may the waves rise to meet you and all that... besitos from sunny Barcelona,

80waves said...

Por fin!


No waves, alas. Flat as a pancake for the last week, and no immediate signs of anything surfable.

Besitos from sunny Scarborough


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Too late is better than never.

Hurrah, etc.

NiegĂ  said...

Happy belated bithday my friend. Mine was just the day before yours!



80waves said...

Thanks, folks.

Felip, I think we have the same birthday (21st)! Of course, I am old and wise, while you are still youthful and exuberant.