Sunday, 11 October 2009

Men in Cars

I surfed Thurso East a few more times but that fateful combination of cowardice, cold and courtesy (plus complete exhaustion) made each session less successful and more frustrating than the last. But it was fun to surf with Team Norway a couple more times. They all seemed to be having a blast (especially Steffen - see comments below - who managed to surf more than just Thurso East, apparently.) This is them, checking on the surf at Thurso East and finding me in my pyjamas. (Well, ok, not literally).
A big hello to Mark a.k.a Snoz, a proper hard-core surfer and fellow vanlodyte, who was full of useful information and encouragement.
And Tup and Billy from Penzance, with whom I shared an appalling, choppy session of slushy on-shore waves (and later a more enjoyable session of 80 shillings and malt whisky).

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