Wednesday, 9 September 2009

False Alarm

It was only Force 10, a slight breeze of 60 mph, that's all. So the buses were still running and the school kids still had to go to school. I made the obvious mistake of abandoning my van for the afternoon and following Becca and Ann on a bus out to the beach at Sollas (for research purposes, naturally). And no, I'm not going surfing in wind like that.

Great waves, if you don't mind 60 mph wind. It was a bit like walking on the moon. Up hill. Fortunately, we only got wet twice. All the way there, and then all the way back. With just enough of a lull to dry out in between.

Leaving Lochmaddy today to head up to Harris, now that the ferry should be working again. It's a shame, because it's a lovely place, with a really nice atmosphere, and hundreds of small fresh water and salt water lochs everywhere. But hopefully the storm will have thrown up some decent swell for this afternoon.

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