Monday, 25 October 2010


So that's it! Done! Since my last post I've surfed my way around Wales, and completed the loop of Britain.
How do I feel? Happy to have completed it - but sorry it's over. If I could go round again, I would.
The final three weeks were a hectic race to cover as much ground as possible, from Gower reefs to Pembroke beaches and even, finally, a new secret spot. Some great days, some terrible days, some days that promised much and delivered little, others that looked hopeless but turned out fine
Helped by two handy depressions loitering around Iceland, conditions were better than I feared they might be, and after Pembrokeshire, my new favourite part of Wales, there was enough swell pushing up towards the Irish sea for a few sneaky surfs in Mid-Wales and North Wales.
Finally, and much to my surprise, I had a lovely surf in Anglesey, the theoretical finishing line. From here to Macrihanish and the Hebrides, where I started a year ago, Ireland gets in the way, so surf is inconsistent and unreliable. But just to complete the loop, I went back to Cosby Beach to visit Anthony Gormley's standing figures.

They're still there, still gazing out to sea, still wondering when their next surf will be. But then, who isn't?


Anonymous said...

Well done and a moving, wistful ending. But that's one bad beard.


kukurusta said...

Congratulations JB. Well done.