Sunday, 20 December 2009

Too cold to surf, surely?

Ice on the inside of the van, people wrapped up like Muscovites, parents walking past pulling sleds, Radio Norfolk in snow news overdrive... only a madman would surf in these conditions.
But I know you would all have been disappointed if I hadn't. So of course, I did.

Looking forward to Christmas. Hopefully my feet will have thawed by then.


kukurusta said...

Hurra JB! solo una pregunta..¿tu furgoneta tiene calefacción estacionaria? dime que si.

ScottishK said...


80waves said...

No, no tiene... Ni siquiera tiene mucho cuando esta en marcha! El secreto es muchos jerseys... y pasar cada noche en un pub con cheminea!

Anonymous said...

Is "El secreto es muchos jerseys" really Spanish?

Anyway, delighted that you are now really enduring sufficient pain to make reading this link worthwhile. Be more graphic. But keep it short.

As ever, M

kukurusta said...

Joder JB! tienes un par de huevos!txapeldun! (el que lleva la txapela=boina, el campeón). Me he leído tu blog entero. Ya estoy al día.